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Welcome to Bloom Hypnosis Center, a private practice serving women and their families with in-office and distance sessions and resources for fertility, pregnancy, birth, afterbirth, and women’s wellness.

Critical parts of us are often left out of medical treatments, special diets and supplements, exercise programs, and long list of the many ways we support our bodies while trying to conceive (TTC) and reach our wellness goals. Our mind and our feelings are just as important as our bodies in conception and whole-body health. When all of the incredible parts of you are supported, in balance, and working together as one, you allow yourself the greatest opportunity to live the life you deeply desire.

Discover the safe, natural way women all over the world have found to be their key to wellness success: mind-body therapy.

A Message

Your Partner

“The wisdom and answers we seek are already inside us. When life exerts pressure and stress, we often retreat to analytical thinking to make sense of our situation. The idea of relaxing seems out of the question, and we search for anything to hold on to that can help us climb out of the impossibly deep place we find ourselves. It is my honor to be your guide and partner, to give you a safe place to allow what is inside you to flow again. Our sessions together provide you with space for healing and release, a peaceful retreat without judgment or pressure. All that you share is confidentially received with love and understanding. Together we help you to realize your goals by bringing the beautiful and important parts of you into balance: mind, body, and spirit. For truly, all of these are one.”

Your Partner, Elizabeth

Your Natural Brain State

About Hypnosis

You may be surprised to find hypnosis is a natural state of mind you experience throughout your day, everyday.

Are your mind and body on the same page, or are they speaking two different languages?

Learn more about unlocking the resources already inside you!

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Fertility & Pregnancy

Give yourself the best opportunity to invite new life into yours with these powerful sessions and the support you and your baby need throughout pregnancy.

Delivery & Afterbirth

Learn how to welcome your beautiful baby into the world in a gentle, comfortable, and peaceful way and support your mind and body during and after the miracle of birth.

Renewing Wellness

Renew, restore, and replenish yourself in these sessions for whole-person wellness, including stress relief, pain management, regulating menstruation, and so much more.